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Take advantage of the opportunity created by Onyourpalm Concept through www.onyourpalm.com and www.askdele.com for companies and individuals to gain visibility and sell themselves, their products or their services on the the internet.

Contacts and profiles of companies with relevant images are expected to be uploaded on the webpages to be created. The webpages will serve as advert and business contacts pages for all information that relate to the company. To gain traffic to the webpages, search engine optimization shall be applied to all webpages.

It should be noted that your webpages can contain as many images and information as possible.


Kindly contact:  08033349685  (whatsapp)




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Creating a platform for people and companies to connect in the corporate world is as essential as the stakeholders in the business environment due to the numerous impacts that such platforms offers. Notwithstanding the usefulness, most enterprises are yet to explore the opportunities due to lack of orientations, weak strategies and undefined vision.

With the increasing awareness about the positive impact of technology and the need for people to drive technology, the print business directory is being complimented by the electronic business directory for optimal results.

Our solution mindset gave birth to this publication: ‘’A Compendium of Over 5,000 Top Companies To Do Businesses With In Nigeria’’.

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